Bosch Home Service, what do you think?

Bosch Home Service, what do you think?

I have been an employee of Bosch company for about 7 years and I love my company very much. We worked with a great team about Bosch Home Services at the new ideas entrepreneurship competitions that Bosch organizes annually.
Actually, I had a developed automatic thermometer system in my mind, but after some eliminations, the Bosch Home Services subject that I suggested was accepted and we went through a lot of preparations and eliminations together with the team.
Bosch Car Services is a very successful business model that I have used and trusted for years. Bosch has already been developing and selling thousands of products for home users over the years.
Especially in countries such as Turkey, there are great shortcomings in the construction sector and household equipment production, renewal and repair.
Based on this idea, we conducted more than 100 interviews with countries such as America, Germany, Russia and Turkey for an entrepreneurial business idea to be established under the name of Bosch Home Services. Bosch would be able to provide a maintenance and rehabilitation service in the Home users sector, where it produces thousands of products, just as it did in Bosch Car Services.
We had a lot of training in the entrepreneurship process and we went through a lot of presentations and screenings, and it was very instructive and fun.
I would like to share with you an animation I prepared in this process.

Bosch Home Services
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